It's #COVID-19 time!

What do you do in self-isolation?

I scrape data and do plots! Chile is posting its new cases every day, with the location of where they are tested. So I’m compiling that information, and putting it here (full repository here). Also, doing some maps, because, why not? It’s not like there’s a dissertation I need to finish…

Last update: 03/29/2020 (Ministerio de Salud stopped sharing disaggregated data in 03/18, so Santiago won’t be updated until further notice. You can still see how Chile is doing, though!)

How has this evolved in Chile?

How many cases have been tested in Santiago, Chile, by testing center location:

An also, how many cases have been tested in all of Chile, by testing center location:

In terms of cummulative cases, Chile has experienced an exponential growth of confirmed cases (i.e. does not necessarily reflect the real number of people infected):

How does it look by region? Santiago is pretty much driving the growth:

And if we take the Metropolitan Region out, this is how it looks: